the Thing of Gormenghast forest

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Image of the Thing of Gormenghast forest

"He had become more an antelope than a boy, but for all his speed he must have been a novice in the art of travel through moss-leaping for suddenly, while he was in mid-air, his arms held out on either side for balance, he caught sight, for the merest fraction of an instant, of a living creature.
Like himself, it was in mid-air, but there was no other resemblance. This creature was exquisitely slender. It floated through the golden air like a feather, the slender arms along the sides of the gracile body, the head turned slightly away and inclined as though on a pillow of air.

Spreading into the clear distances, the forest floor like a sea of golden moss. From its heaving expanses, arose, as through the chimera of a daydream, a phantasmic gathering of ancient oaks. Like dappled gods they stood, each in his own preserve, the wide glades of moss flowing between them in swathes of gold and green and away into the clear, dwindling distances.

-from Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake

32 x 61 cm
c-type print (an actual photograph on light-sensitive colour paper)
two left of an edition of 6